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Rachel Marie Redlin is a Jesus lover, a wife to Brook, and a mother of four. She is an American author who is best known for her online public journal platform and Bible-centered devotions.

She is committed to proclaim The LORD is the One and Only Jesus. She is the founder and leader of Blooming Grace Ministries, Inc, a Christian non profit organization for women. The ministry focuses on sharing the Gospel as well as encouraging, embracing, and equipping women to go deeper and bloom in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, their families, and fellow believers.

She is passionate and determined to help provide an outlet and resource for deeper relationship with women and Christ in the modern Christian world.

She lives with her family in Goodland, Kansas, USA. 

She passes to you a warm, welcoming, hug along with a note:

“If it’s good for you, it is not from me—it’s Only Jesus.”


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